Sport Haus features a far fetched technical lab for ski preparation and maintenance of your skis.

Sport Haus has a proven technical skill with trained people together with specific machinery.

Experience, competence and manual skills of our ski men are supported by specific machines, allowing maintenance, repair and set up operations. Sole flattening, footprint, edge sharpening, tuning, waxing are performed on skis and snowboards.

Sport Haus has been opting for Wintersteiger as a main technology supplier, since its very beginning. A totally new robotized automatic system Discovery 2 sdp has been introduced for by the winter season 2019-20, thus replacing its former version.

This machine secures design and selection for most varied and personal tasks, from stone grinding base footprint structures to precise angle edges ceramic sharpening, adding a polish disk finish and some additional executions.

Holes and scratches affecting ski bases are treated by a Basejet sole repairing machine, while rough works are performed on a belt grinding Sigma B machine. Where machines are not yet able to arrive, Franz’s expert hands are getting the job done.

Last task is dealing with waxing. Or more waxes. For rental skis and boards a Wintersteiger Waxjet Pro hot roll machine is being used.

Ski edges get sharpened by ceramic discs with the desired cut and tuning angles. The machine is able to perceive the skis geometric dimensions to get the required working sequence.

Once the required task has been selected, the operator loads the required lot of skis on a feeding support and after few minutes he simply recovers the finished ones to the other end of the machine.

When a customised top service is a client’s requirement, edges can to be finished manually with passages being set at appropriate angles and direction.

Last task is dealing with waxing. Or more waxes. Some of them simply act as a protection for the ski base or may help to keep it lubrified enough. Race skis ask for an art’s touch, requiring many hot passages, by brushing or ironing at an appropriate heat. For rental skis and boards a Wintersteiger Waxjet Pro hot roll machine is being used. Once the wax has been deposed by the first one , the ski is passed again on a special brush roll in the same machine.

Thanks to a long standing experience and frequent attendance to specific courses, some tailoring setting and adaptions can be performed on client’s ski boots, by working on shells and liners. Such services can be booked and they are subject to appropriate evaluation and price estimate.