The answers to the questions we are often asked

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section of our site. Here you will find answers to the most common questions regarding our products and services. We are here to provide clarity and assistance, making your experience with us as pleasant as possible.

A proper lot of skis and boots is always available for any level/product category in their respective sizes. Optioning a specific model can be done on arrival, related to actual snow conditions.
Each customer can decide how long to keep the same rented item. And this is unpredictable.
A notice about very large boots sizes requirements (over 48eu) could be suggested, only.

We are open every day during the winter season by 8 am through 7 pm continuously.  Anticipated closing time in April are heralded in our website.

Better come and rent during the morning, when a larger number of staff is devoted to rental assistance. Better avoiding afternoon reentry time between 3,30 and 5,30 pm, as many customers are returning their gear, get rid of their ski boots and pass to the counter to pay.

Usually it takes by 5 to 10 minutes to try ski boots, setting the bindings and being ready to go skiing.


Your shoes can remain inside the rental shop and got back at the end of your skiing day.
It’s recommended to remember the position where personal shoes are stored/displaced to avoid undesired exchanges.

It is NOT possible to leave shoes or personal belongings inside the rental shop overnight.


The minimum renting time is a half day. (morning till 1pm – afternoon by 12am).
Swap can be performed to try a different item or better fitting daily conditions.
In case of swapping, pricing count is being separated on respective use durations.


A minimum of 15 components is required. It is recommended to file a list of names to speed up renting operations management.

Payment is required on equipment final return. Price is calculated by the rental software system, managing all rented items and relevant times.
Electronic cards including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Amex and their respective wireless devices are accepted together with Satispay.


Depot is a side service being available. It may be requested for, on arrival and can be booked in advance with an email message, specifying the required period.

Payment is required along with a locker or ski stand assignment for the required duration. In case of extension, a balance payment is due on final release.

By 11am of the last requested day, when it is therefore possible to leave own shoes inside the rental shop until the end of the day.

Equipment delivery to each client is recorded by the software system until the final item return.

When equipment is voluntarily not used, it can be returned to avoid paying for the day.

In any case, by returning rented equipment before 10am, price is not charged.

When equipment is not used by external circumstances (lifts not operating, road closures, etc) the daily charge is being deducted from the final count.

It is possible to require a cover for accidental damages caused to the rented equipment. By paying an additional 10% charge on the base price of the equipment being rented.

The customer is therefore individually responsible for the proper use of the rented equipment.

On poor snow conditions, unrepairable damages are charged to the customer at the replacement cost of the damaged equipment.

In case of theft, the Customer may file a report to the Force Enforcement and hand over a copy.

When is not possible to return the rented equipment before closing time by 7pm, a call to +39 0163 91308 must be directed to arrange a solution.