Sport Haus has focused on quality since its very beginning. Among the first to propose high end products in the Italian Alps, with an ever up to date range, along with the development of freeride practice.  Its international customer base has driven its choices.

Throughout the season, the week or the day itself our mountain environment devours different emotions to be safely lived with the appropriate gear.

Changing is possible! Really testing everything. You can rent by a minimum half day until the full season.

Some of the best brands in the marketplace has been selected for our clients. They emerge as top players in races and for their products innovation. Before accessing to Sport Haus’s range, every piece is being assessed and often tested on the snow by our attentive and expert partners. Models as proposed, are the most suitable to our mountain characteristics.

Most Freeride and all touring skis are available with their fit to size/width corresponding skins to enable ascent use. Crampons suited for most wanted bindings are at disposal, too.



These are easy to use from beginners  to intermediate skiers, or growing up boys.  Recommended to tourists willing to cope with slopes in a quiet mood and full safety.


Featuring friendly  skis for piste use together with models for initial off-piste approach. A convenient choice for evolving  skiers at a good price.


They deal with Grand Tourism models, for the demanding skier. Some of them are piste performance skis, some are the best way to progress toward off piste or randonnée.


Are featuring high end skis only for a sporting use. To some  slalom and giant slalom piste derivates, a vast choice of all mountain skis is added.


For those advanced skiers willing to test race models or enjoining our wide range of freeride or ski alpinism lighter skis.


Standard M

Models privileging confort and easy access with different shapes to fit your foot for the better.

standard W

Are featuring a friendly design to fit female feets

Premium M

allowing more precision and guidance. Specific freeride and ski alpinism model are included

Premium W

Warmer, Lighter with a distinctive color touch, for freeride and ski alpinism as well


Kid & baby

Children starting their snow adventures can find specific equipment featuring skis up to 100 cm. (KID) or up to 120 cm. (BABY) and easy access boots with 1 to 3 buckles.


To progressing boys,  skis ranging up to 140 cm. lenght  are dedicated together with 3 to 4 buckles ski boots.

junior plus

When looking to competition  or initial off piste trials specific models have been selected up to 150 cm. length.


Boots for babies


The main range of products comes from BURTON with boards of the robust LTR series and PROGRESSION boots and bindings. Our Boots are increasingly featuring the rapid BOA system which is deemed to replace the traditional lacing one. You may find both BURTON and HEAD boots with this innovative device.

Board Senior

All boards are featuring soft bindings and include wide models for soft snow or rocker shape ones fit for fast turning and for beginners

Board junior

For children practice, boards from 100 to 130 cm. are proposed, very easy and with the right graphics

Boot Senior

Comfortable and structured shoes to unsure warmth and wet protection

Boot Junior

Smaller sizes featuring different closure systems for maximum fun


Beyond everything necessary to those accessing ski alpinism, including skins, Artva Ortovox avalanche transceiver are available with back pack, shovel and probe, that can be rented separately, as well.

For Freeride and Touring Skis the respective skins in length and width are available, too.

The RAS and AirPulse 20 and 30 liters backpacks from Scott, featuring an Airbag device,are available throughout  the season to clients being accompanied by a UIAAM Mountain Guide

Who is not skiing but is willing to sense the emotions of a walkabout  in the snow may find Snow shoes available.

Full season renting  is particularly appreciated by families for children beginning to ski and fast growing.  Even the expert skier desiring to get his/her up to date gear every year, avoiding to purchase it, can find the appropriate solution.